Sports Betting Bills Introduced in 2019

Sports Betting Bills Introduced in 2019

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As more states have legalized sports betting, legislations are introduced for the sport in each state. Delaware was the first state to legalize full-fledged sports betting after PASPA. Other states have begun the process of legalizing online/mobile sports betting. In addition to the two new states, Delaware has been the most active in legalizing online sports betting. And now, Mississippi has also passed a bill allowing sports betting for its residents.

Delaware became first post-PASPA state to allow full-fledged legal sports betting

Although the US Supreme Court overturned PASPA in May, Delaware still needed some time to implement its new sports betting regulations. The state’s gaming regulators had spent just a few weeks testing software, reviewing regulations, and training staff. The first lines were posted at Delaware Park before 8 a.m., and potential bettors began gathering at Delaware’s three casinos at that time.

Tennessee legalized online/mobile-only sports betting

There are several advantages to legalized online/mobile-only sports betting in Tennessee. Unlike Nevada, where bettors need to physically visit a casino or sportsbook to place their wagers, sports betting in Tennessee is hassle-free. The process is easy and convenient, thanks to a number of available mobile sports betting apps and websites. Read on to learn more about these advantages and other advantages of mobile sports betting in Tennessee.

Iowa legalized sports betting

While most states have allowed legalized sports betting, Iowa is not among them. This state’s law explicitly prohibits wagering on Olympic events, but some exceptions do exist. For example, sportsbooks in Iowa are prohibited from accepting bets on CONCACAF soccer matches, since those matches don’t count toward Olympic qualification. However, international competitions, such as hockey series, are eligible for wagering. However, if you are planning to bet on the NFL Draft in Iowa, be aware that it is not allowed by the state’s law.

Kentucky legalized sports betting

Rep. Adam Koenig has introduced legislation to legalize sports betting in Kentucky for years, but it has failed to advance. The lead sponsor, Republican Rep. Adam Koenig, believes the bill can be passed. The bill has not yet made it past the initial committee submission, which means that Kentuckians will have to wait another year before they can bet on their favorite team. Despite the lackluster results, optimism is high for a successful sports betting law in Kentucky.

Oregon legalized online/mobile-only sports betting

In October 2019, the state of Oregon legalized online/mobile-only sports wagering. SBTech, a company with ties to the iGaming industry, was selected to oversee the state’s only digital sportsbook, ScoreBoard. SBTech’s business model is based on empowering consumers to place wagers from anywhere in the world. However, the lottery’s contract with DraftKings was impacted by the SBTech controversy.